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Mullican Mount Castle

Mullican Mount Castle Hardwood

The Mount Castle Collection of Mullican Hardwood Will Leave You Astonished

Founded in 1985, Mullican flooring over the years has become a name synonymous with excellent quality and affordable price. It presents you with high quality flooring which has been designed with precision and advanced techniques to offer you nothing but the best. With a team of dedicated workers, engineers and product inspectors we try to produce the best quality products for your use. The new range of Mullican flooring that has been named the Mount Castle collection will be a wonderful choice for you if you are thinking of renovating your home or office space. The Mount Castle collection is an extension of the Castilian Engineered Collection and offers an extensive variety. You can choose from a collection of 12 designs and the base material is oak and walnut.

Each of the products that come under the Mount Castle collection undergoes a unique surface treatment and is wider than the normal width available in the market. The Mount Castle collection has a width of 7.44 inches to 9.45 inches. These planks which are wider than normal are beneficial for people who have small rooms as these planks make it look like the room is bigger.

The Mount Castle collection is very elegant and gives your home or office a very royal look. The collection is vast which is a very good from the point of view that you get to make the choice and select the one out of 12 which you like the most. Some of the amazing varieties available are: • Ivory: with the creamy color, ivory is the favorite choice for people who like soft colors or have furniture that is light in color. • Majestic Hazelnut: it is brownish in color and looks very good when you have dark furniture. • Oak Autumn Bronze: this is a lighter version and looks very elegant. • Oak Brownstone: wider in structure and grayish brown in color. • Oak Charcoal: dark in color, very suitable for people with dark furniture. • Oak Colonial Grey: the lighter version of oak charcoal. • Oak Fawn: Brownish in color but a little on the darker side. • Oak Harvest wheat: Similar to Oak fawn but comparatively lighter. • Oak Natural: very elegant and the perfect ones who like things that look very natural and not too modified. • Oak Seashell: a blend of the cream color and brown. • Oak Sterling: a dark grayish color wide wood. • Oak Truffle: a dark colored elegant design with a unique texture.

Thus you can see how Mount Castle collection offers you nothing but the best!