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Mullican Ponte Vedra

Mullican Ponte Vedra

If you are not from Spain, which is most probably true then you will not recognize the name Ponte Vedra under the Mullican engineeerd hardwood flooring. This is the name given to one of their endearing collections which is also the name of a semi-famous Spanish city on the northern Iberian Peninsula. This coastal town sits in between rivers and is known for its ancient buildings, some as old as the Roman Empire. First settlements on this land were from the integration of the Roman Empire to old Galicia, the autonomous community where the city sits.

The Romans were known for their natural stone buildings but some of their basic building structures used wood for support. If the Romans had the same kind of technology that is available now, they would have made enduring hardwood flooring such as Mullican’s Ponte Vedra. With their technology of being able to travel to countries far far away through sea and land, they would have been able to acquire all the tree species available under this collection. These are oak, maple, hickory, walnut and cherry.

A Romanesque looking apartment could use something like Mullican’s Ponte Vedra Maple Dark Mocha. In Roman homes, you'll primarily find furniture made from wood (aha!). Roman furnishings as flamboyant as the Romans themselves may come in carved animal feet or equipped with intricate scrolls and design.

They used tripod tables and stools much more than the four-legged tables and chairs as this design made it easier to balance the furniture on a rough or uneven floor a la Roman times. Of course with the Mullican’s Ponte Verda, this is not necessary. All you have to do is just choose the color and particular design that you want, like the particular looking Ponte Vedra’s Maple Graphite.

If you are thinking of drapery which is going to feature fur, animal prints, linen and silk in true Roman style, then Ponte Vedra’s Hickory Destin or Red Oak Natural’s beige tones would be great. Other styles under this collection which could also suit your Roman fashion are Walnut Colonial, Cherry Natural, Hickory Saddle, Oak Bridle, Oak, Granite and Oak Suede.