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Mullican San Marco

Mullican San Marco

Mullican’s San Marco collection is probably designed by the designer who loves Assassin’s Creed II. He must have seen the terrains presented in the Assassin’s Creed, Tekken and Venetia video games as the backdrop. The real San Marco however, Happens to be one of the six sub divisions of Venice and it lies in the heart of the city as the main place of Venice.

The small district includes many of Venice's most famous sights including St Mark's Square, Saint Mark's Basilica, the famed Doge's Palace, Harry's Bar, the Palazzo Dandolo, San Moisè, the La Fenice theatre, the Palazzo Grassi and many different churches. This was probably why the game designers chose to set it as a backdrop together with the cornucopia of canal mazes.

True to the charm of Venice and its famous touristy places, Mullican engineerd hardwood flooring captures the romance of San Marco in its collection. There would be more than one place in those charming touristy places where something as stunning as this flooring would welcome those touristy feet.

Choose from the traditional popular wood of hickory, maple, oak and walnut species cut in 6 foot lengths. This is speciality of this collection as the first domestically produced hand sculpted engineered hardwood flooring at those lengths.

Beautiful traditional shades are given here under Mullican San Marco Hickory Provincial, Hickory Saddle, Hickory Toasted Almond, Maple Dark Mocha, Maple Graphite, Maple Spiced Rum really taking on the shade of that real expensive rum, the Nubian beauty of Oak Ebony, Oak Granite and Walnut Colonial.

Take the look of Doge’s Palace traditional Roman style and think about pairing fabrics found in nature like animal fur, silk or linen with one of designs under this collection. When you think about the old Italians, fabric themes don’t come into mind but they did use them. Your style idea could start from there to go with Mullican’s San Marco collection.