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Natural Cork Parquet Tile

Parquet Tile

Natural Cork Parquet Tile is the traditional, timeless cork flooring style. This classic collection offers a wonderful neutral look while still showcasing the cork’s rich natural variations. Cork Parquet tiles are perfect for use throughout the home or in light commercial settings. Tiles measure 12” x 12”. Colors include: Tabac, Merida, Marmol, Lisbon, Edipo, Duoro, and Cleopatra.

Cleopatra makes you feel like the queen of Egypt, without having to get bitten by an asp! This richly textured tile brings depth and movement to any room! Douro’s Soft patterning effortlessly integrates a touch of the Mediterranean into your life. Sourced from Southern Europe and Northern Africa, this flooring is like a mini vacation with every step you take! Edipo is a traditional cork pattern featuring the tiny rectangular slashes characteristic to this natural material. It is easy on the eyes and comfy on the feet! Lisbon’s rich reds contrast against dark swirls for a bold look! This is a fantastic option for incorporating a marbleized effect without the cold hard surface of stone. Marmol embodies the classic, sandy, granulated look of cork. Durable enough for bulletin boards and comfy enough for sandals, it’s no wonder cork is an excellent flooring option! Merida’s smooth texture and soft glow create a visual flow throughout a space. Graceful and elegant, you will love this supple tile! Tabac has earthen tones of olive and mushroom with lighter tan flecks throughout. (Olive and mushroom, although good on a pizza are great on a floor!) This darker hue is very forgiving making it great for high traffic and work areas!