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Natural Cork Wide Cork Tiles

Wide Cork Tiles

Natural Cork New Dimensions Wide Plank showcases the striking natural beauty of cork flooring across a wider 17 ½” x 24” plank size. These large rectangular planks are a fabulous example of eco-friendly, functional and stylish cork flooring. Kitchens, living areas dining rooms all look elegant with a Wide Plank floor. Colors include: Jerusalem, Rustico, Scirocco, and Slate. Jerusalem. This soft white cork flooring offers an elegant lightness to any expanse. Pair with chrome, lucite, and frosted glass for an art deco look. Why wouldn’t your home or office be this chic? Soft pastel solids create a clean and serene ambiance. Cue the flowing white gauze drapes with the French windows that open to your sea view balcony, and you almost forget about the kids due home from school hopped up on candy any minute now! Rustico. This rich, deeply saturated red/brown flooring is handsome. Reminiscent of walnut wood flooring, this stylish twist on a classic hardwood treatment is decadent. Some people wear “power” ties, but your home deserves a “power” floor! Scirocco. Named after the hot North African wind that blows across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, this elegant golden-brown flooring brings a touch of the exotic to any room, without the oppressive heat or tons of sand that comes with it! On the contrary, cork flooring is easy to clean and unlike carpet, does not harbor any dust, mold or mildew related allergens. Slate. This says it all…. (But allow me to go on, because I need the work.) Black, bold, solid, strong, classic. Paired with modern furnishings, bold lines and contrasting pops of color, this sleek minimalist flooring has the texture of leather and the softness of carpet. Cork’s unique sound dampening properties make this floor ideal for a home cinema or entertainment room!