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Natural Stone Pebbles - Tumbled Mosaics, River Rocks & Tile at Ecomoso

Natural Stones with Earthy Tones: How To Rock Pebbles

Natural Stone provides a luxurious and classically elegant feel to any indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial project. The earthy materials have also recently been stripped of the idea that affordable natural stone products do not exist, and popular Pebble Stones have emerged to the forefront of being an affordable finish option to all budgets.

Pebble Stones are the perfect options for creating interesting mosaics and patterns in any project as no pair of pebbles are the same size or shape - making each piece in pebble stone collections exclusive and custom by default. Pebble Stone tile is also becoming increasingly popular because of its versatile nature. Because of the earthy tones and natural materials, pebbles can go with any classic or contemporary styles with ease - creating the perfect ambiance and transformative look.

Whether placing pebble stone decoratives and tiles outside or indoors, the use of pebble tiles is only limited by your wildest (or most honed) imagination. Pebble tiles are extensively used in outdoor areas, such as decks, walkways, and also make great flooring for indoor areas, such as kitchens or bathrooms. Pebbles also enhance the elegance of any outdoor feature, such as pools and fountains. Pebble tiles can also be used on walls. Heard enough? Enjoy browsing the Pebbles Gallery below.