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New World Tile

New World Tile

Just when we thought it had all been done before and originality was a thing of the past, New World porcelain tiles have given us a reason to get out of bed in the morning to experience the possibility of something fresh, new and exciting. You may be thinking, how could porcelain be a novel inspiration in a world of over seven billion people? Is anything really new anymore? And to this question we obnoxiously pose another question: have you ever before in your life come across porcelain tile with a linear fabric look?

We didn’t think so. The pilgrims knew that when they weren’t happy with the offerings at hand, they had to switch it up to keep life interesting. These intrepid folks took a big step and sailed across the Atlantic to a new and unfamiliar world, and the New World tiles have taken a leaf from the first pilgrims’ book and decided to shake things up in the sleep-inducing world of tiles. We can’t say how they came up with the idea, but we have noticed that fabric is making its way up the walls of spaces ranging from Pinterest to Ikea catalogs and city-center Whole Foods grocers.

Almost as much as we could use a healthy dose of innovation when it comes to tiles, we could all also use a fat dose of something soft. The world is hard enough as it is. The New World’s fashionable fabric look is simultaneously stringent and soft – which is more than we can say for your last two Tinder dates. With soothing series like Tea Leaf Charcoal, Beige and White -- as well as Rosewood Brown – the New World color palette is as calming as its texture. Save yourself the yoga membership this month and center yourself in the comfort of your own home with New World porcelain tiles. Namaste!