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Northern Timbers Loose Lay Vinyl

Northern Timbers Loose Lay Vinyl

When you see Roppe’s Northern Timbers Loose Lay Vinyl you can say “timber!” like in those olden day cartoon shows about trees falling on naughty cats. The reason is this vinyl has captured the look of natural wood so perfectly and effortlessly.

You may use the Roppe’s Northern Timbers Loose Lay Vinyl either for residential or commercial purposes. The wonderful feature of this ruggedly made collection is that its long lasting beauty is ensured without the use of a floor finish. Another special feature is consists of the Nano Silver particles which helps to control dangerous organisms such as staph and e-coli bacteria.

Roppe’s Northern Timber Loose Lay Vinyl is excellent in resisting chipping, cracking, abrasions and permanent indentations for heavy duty performances. This means it is suitable for high traffic areas or to a home which is volatile to much pet and children activities. The concealment of the most substrate irregularities are also possible in extreme cases where tantrums are present.

You are very lucky indeed as there are currently eight different but all in a variety of beautiful stages planks are available under the Roppe Northern Timber Loose Lay Vinyl collection. Under the aged old man who has weathered well look are the Northern Timber’s Loose Lay Limited Oak, Limed Gray Oak and Antique Oak. The natural silvery waves of embossment in these planks may actually hide if you had real mold growing of them for whatever reasons but don’t worry about them as the Nano Silver particles would take care of that.

The perfect choice for lobbies, office buildings and anything that would use the adjective luxury in the advertisement should be given the treatment of Northern Timber Loose Lay Persimmon Cherry, Spicy Cherry or Voodoo Beach. The rich, luxurious look of expensive wood is a natural choice for such long time investment for commercial purposes. You would want to get the best for the best price which would last long enough to save as much as possible in the long run without much tinkering around intermittently.

Beautiful redwood flooring looks wondrous under vinyl with Northern Timber Loose Lay Tanned Zebra and Tigereye Zebra. These planks does not need any complicated finishes to look great but just the most minimalist, simple maintenance procedures. So, its time to get a mop and bucket to do the deed yourself everyday instead of spending hundreds on specialized maintenance though these vinyl flooring may look that complicated.