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Pravada Engineered Exotic Collection

Liven up dull hardwood flooring with Pravada Engineered Exotic Collection

Let a little exotic into your life Pravada’s Engineered Exotic

Everybody wants a little bit of the exotic nowadays and you can have it too in the form Pravada’s Engineered Exotic Collection. Many people think that to get a taste or touch of the exoticness, you have to travel far away and spend a lot of money to find it. However, you don’t have to do that now because you can bring the exotic into your home with the Pravada’s Engineered Exotics Collection.

Pravada’s Engineered Exotics Collection has under its collection Brazilian Black Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Toffee and Natural Sapele for your perusal in picking the best exotic look.

Pick any of the Brazilian designs under the Pravada Engineered Exotic Collection and be instantly transported to the exotic beaches of Brazil. If there is one word to describe Brazil’s world popular beaches is exotic. Take inspiration from the summer, beach, sand and tan of Brazil to decorate your interiors. Once you have one of the Brazilians in your home, you wouldn’t need to much maintenance as they are quite easy to care for.

Just make sure there is a jug of margarita, some access to sundecks, a very large parasol and ideally an inviting pool to make the Brazilian happy. If you are lucky, the Brazilian may come with Brazilian trimmings too, a wildly popular style made famous by the beaches of Brazilian.

To make sure the Brazilian will stay happy for a long time, lots of Brazilian lambada music and dancing has to happen on these sexy floors. It will be such a waste not to use the Brazilians for such great talents since you have meticulously picked the right one to accompany you in your home.

Alternatively, if you did choose the Africa Sapele, the same entertainment with music and dancing will apply although the maintenance may be a little bit more than what you would expect even with the limited 35 year warranty. We are of course only referring to the flooring and nothing more sinister.