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Pravada Engineered Haute Couleur Collection

Color brightens up with Pravada Haute Couleur Collection

Don’t get confused with Pravada’s Engineered Haute Couleur Collection with Haute Couture or Haute Cuisine. Haute simply means high in the French language and Couleur means color, meaning Pravada Engineered Haute Couleur Collection bring the definition of high color onto your floor into your living areas.

Just like you deciding to buy a high color definition TV, you can now purchase the high color definition hardwood engineered flooring which will give you the richness you need to make your living areas a pleasant place to hang. Pravada Engineered Haute Couleur Series brings you some of the lightest brown mixes you will see in Brule, Chateau Blanc and Chiffon Drape while a slight tint of red exists in the Organza.

Greyish ash tones are covered under the Silhouette pieces while two natural browns can be seen with Noir and Nude Roche. Black mineral like tone is presented under the Pravada Haute Couleur Graphite. Interior design had not looked this good when you mix one of these pieces in a room where different colors come together in a rainbow spectrum to brighten up even the most dullest places on earth.

If at all you are in charge of an office where patients come to seek mental health advice, you want to have as many bright colors as possible to life up everyone’s moods no matter how depressed they may be feeling. Create a waiting room which looks like a dining room where a big table sits more than five people at once.

Get everyone together when they are waiting to see your medical practitioners or counsellors in a social setting. Get stools which looks like pink blossoms to put around a tranquil looking table while grass green carpeting sits quietly on a floor that looks like it has been installed with Pravada Haute Couleur’s Organza. See how everyone will perk up with this pleasant little trick immediately.