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Provenza Heirloom Hardwood Collection

Provenza Heirloom

The Provenza Heirloom Hardwood series offers you exactly what you're looking for in an oak hardwood floor but with the richest, deepest colors and character. Since different manufacturing and oak grain can take the stain differently, you don't always know what you'll end up with when installing and staining oak floors yourself, so your dreams can turn into nightmares quickly. Very expensive nightmares, sucking your wallet and time to wake up and fix them. Provenza takes the guesswork (and hard work!) out of it by offering you planks that are ready to go, no staining or sealing needed.

Made from highly sustainable wood products and responsibly managed forests, the Provenza Heirloom Hardwood collection tops other oaks in the industry just with its amazing color choices alone. But also its stylish, European throw-back, antique heirloom quality artisan styling. The exceptional attention to detail shows through in every one of the random mixed planks of 48" with 24" and 6.25" wide with an oil finish. The awesomely random lengths makes this a fun puzzle to put together, resulting in beautiful custom wood floors that are both an investment and a treasure for your home.

Let's chat about the styling and rich colors, shall we? The darkest (York) features a wire-brushed, heavy character depth. In fact, all the colors are heavy in both of those. The two light and medium colors are light wire brushed and smoked by Provenza's skilled artisans. And finally, the medium/dark (Oxford) tone is also light wire brushed, hand scraped, smoked, and carbonized. That's a lot of work put into these planks to make them into a perfect, custom-looking fit for your needs.

3-ply acrylic impregnated engineered oak species hardwood planks means Provenza Heirloom Hardwood is durable with unsurpassed quality. Your choice of Glue Down, Staple, or Float installation means it's easy to install yourself or quickly with help. 25 Year Finish, Lifetime Construction (Residential) or 3 Year Finish, 25 Year Construction (Commercial) means you're guaranteed value for your dollar for years to come.