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Provenza Infusion Collection Hardwood

Provenza Infusion

Infuse yourself with mesmerizing stylishness of Provenza’s Infusion hardwood collection and be prepared to be knocked off. You will be knocked off because this hardwood collection from Provenza is not like any other miserable traditional looking collection available in the industry.

You can finally have a stylish hardwood flooring you can gloat about forever with Provenza’s Infusion collection without paying a huge price. These velvety looking 1/2x5 pieces are stained with some of the most stunning looking colors you will ever find on hardwood. Always wanted your hardwood looking slightly unique but always seem to only stumble upon the same of brown, ash and greys?

Well, with Provenza’s Infusion you will find purple, green, blood red and even blue. Take a look at Black Panther in black, Cocoa Brown in a true edible brown, Endless Blue in a deep blue, Moulin Rouge in blood red, Purple Rain is lavender, Shocking Green in a punkish green and Turquoise Mosaic in shocking turquoise. The rest are the boring Sterling Sable which is something that is always easily available, Natural Maple and Rich Amber, something that might still look unique with the right accessories put together in the room. True to the meaning of infusion, the collection has been infused with some of the most supernatural colors you will see on a hardwood collection that might be worthy of a new X-Files episode.

Use the pieces wisely in your high traffic area because you may come across strange reactions from unadventurous people. Have them installed in a special way in your special bedroom where adventure and extraordinary plays a big part everyday. Imagine the pieces also as a wonderful addition to your children’s room or also in commercial properties where children are daily present. The colors in this collection maybe easy to pair with walls where colors play a main theme instead of decorations.