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Provenza Modern Rustics Collection

Provenza Modern Rustics Hardwood Collection

The eagerly awaited Provenza Modern Rustic Hardwood Collection plays to our never-ending love of cozy, warm wood floors with character. They are simultaneously rustic looking and contemporary. Basically the Ryan Gosling of floors, they look rough around the edges but they aren’t worn out and tired. Ryan’s jeans look distressed, you know, but he probably smells like aftershave all day long and hasn’t gotten his hands dirty a day in his life. These floors look like they have a lived to see some things and have a few good stories to tell. Each nick and knot is like a scar that shows a life well-lived, but how do you get a wood floor with a life of its own and a bit of character if you don’t want to wait fifty years to appreciate that worn look that usually comes with age? The Provenza Modern Rustic collection hasn’t even been released yet, so it is brand spanking new and yet Provenza has managed to engineer a collection of beautifully stained wooden planks that looks like someone else did all the hard work living on it for decades just so you could install them in your space.

These unique matte finish floors come equipped with random cracks and knots so your floor can truly be one of a kind. On top of these natural accents, Provenza has mechanically aged each piece with a wire brush, and then hand distressed them with careful consideration. Much like Ryan Gosling’s jaw, the Modern Rustic collection boasts a chiseled edge; but even better than Ryan this collection is versatile and could play roles other than the charmingly wounded and unknowing heartthrob. Perfection at this level must have a bit of help from mortals. Provenza created an entire collection of perfection in a range of shades and stains. Enticing sounding River Rock, Mystic Grey, Moonlit Pearl and Bronze Ash have all got cool undertones and unique scars. Twilight Brown, Dark Cider, Brushed Copper and Burnt Moss are a bit warmer but they still have some mysterious looking dings and claw marks that are sure to peak anyone’s attention, just like a good tattoo.