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Provenza Pompeii Collection Hardwood

Provenza Pompeii

Ah inspired by the long lost city of Pompeii is the Pompeii collection from Provenza. Although this ancient Roman city was wipes out by a cataclysmic volcano eruption, some of their architecture and artwork is still viewable thousands of years later preserved in the absence of moisture and air.

Never has there been a more mighty, awesome oak species wood floor on the market. Go rogue. Go unique. Step out on the usual hardwoods and take a chance on Provenza Pompeii Collection Hardwood flooring. Each and every plank features the rustic elegance of hand distressed hardwood floors, and by that we don't just mean your usual rustic flare, copied board to board. The character and time-worn look and feel of each plank varies, as well as the character grade varies between colors (meaning some colors look more deliciously worn than others).

This is a "rugged surface product by design". It's like going white water rafting and expecting the same waves - no, you have to expect choppy waves that surprise you around every paddle. This Provenza Pompeii Collection Hardwood does just that! They're hand-crafted by Provenza artisans to purposely achieve not only the look, but the feel, of a reclaimed, rustic, time worn, aged and naturally distressed wood floor. This may include open knots, mineral streaks, weathered cracks, splits, splintering and other imperfections that are not considered defects. When choosing a Provenza Pompeii hardwood floor, its rustic design should be compatible with your lifestyle, so those requiring a smooth finish wood floor should consider other Provenza products.

Their exceptional attention to detail shows through in every one of the over 7" wide Provenza Pompeii Collection Hardwood planks. Each plank is set in a random length up to 6'. Your choice of Glue Down, Staple, or Float installation means it's easy peasy. 25 Year Finish, Lifetime Construction (Residential) or 3 Year Finish, 25 Year Construction (Commercial) means you're guaranteed value for your dollar. It's an incredible purchase and view from wherever you stand or sit, and well worth it. Take a chance and click!