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Provenza Richmond Collection Hardwood

Provenza Richmond Hardwood

Provenza’s Richmond Hardwood collection is made with oak wood, the incredible dense, disease resistant wood which is the foundation of many buildings from olden days America. When you think about the name Richmond itself, the metropolitan city in the state of Virginia comes to mind and with it, the memories of colonial times of the United States. During the American Revolution, several notable events had happened in Richmond like the famed Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” speech and the passage of “Virginia Statue For Religious Freedom” written by the distinguished Thomas Jefferson. When you peruse through Provenza’s Richmond Hardwood, keep all these in mind in choosing for you flooring if you haven’t already decided on your decoration idea. A collection like Richmond Hardwood would be a refreshing welcome of old charm American romance in a world where cold steel with surreal shapes have become a norm and not necessarily pleasing to the eye, especially of your residence is nestled in a natural area instead of in the middle of a city. Perhaps, Richmond Hardwood’s Flint Hill may inspire you to decorate your living room with colonial style conservative furniture like the Queen Anne styled bat wing shaped drawer pulls, fiddle back chairs or claw footed Georgian style recliners. However, if you go for one of the Chippendale influenced designs under the Gothic style like an elaborate splat back chairs to accompany that red Marquetry commode, then Richmond’s Oakton may be a sweet base. Of course if you think that American Revolution flavoured decorations are not really your cup of tea, then please do get some boring old Pottery Barn or Ikea stuff because Richmond Hardwood has other non-mind boggling offers in medium colours to choose from which are Cold Harbour, Honey Hill, Potomac, Wilderness, Stonebridge and Merrimac to complete your simple uncharacterized living space.