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Puccini Avons Oval Series Glass

Puccini Avons Oval Series Glass - Affordable Glass Mosaic Tile by Puccini Puccini by Duratile USA Avons Oval Series Glass Mosaic Tile: we bet you can’t say that five times fast. And that won’t be necessary, as we’re also willing to bet that one glance at this stunning and stylish glass mosaic tile collection will leave you speechless ... perhaps even breathless. But there’s no need to worry. You can breathe easy knowing that this stunning series is both affordable and accessible.

Glass mosaic tile is the simplest way to give any space a gracefully unique and vibrant cosmopolitan vibe - whether it be traditional or modern in essence. The gorgeous, light-reflecting glass material in the Avons Oval Series is sure to add a bright and bubbly aesthetic to any project in need of a fun, yet polished finishing touch. Within the diverse Puccini Avons Oval Series you’ll find nine enviable and artful glass mosaic tile designs, created with a flawless and bold rainbow palette, all on perfectly-sized square pieces that lend themselves to easy application for both small or large residential or commercial projects. We love the diversity of this collection.

Long lasting, waterproof and durable, the Puccini Avons Oval Series also features vibrant colors: bright greens in Avons Oval Tyne, and beautiful blues - ranging from a sparkling turquoise in Avons Oval Wey, to an oceanic indigo blue in Avons Oval Till. You’ll also find pretty and pristine purples in the mix with designs like Avons Oval Trent; along with opulent, pearly pinks, burnt oranges and brilliant brunettes, such as Avons Oval Findhorn.

The artful designs within the Puccini Avons Oval Series makes you wonder if Monet himself had a hand in the creation of these mosaics - and we certainly don’t mind if you want to tell your awestruck guests that he did. We think you can get away with it, if you like a good story to go with your wine. Although there’s probably no need for that, as the sight of these gorgeous glass mosaics alone are sure to start a conversation that ends with everyone telling you how fantastic your glass tile looks. We get it. We love beautiful things, too.