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Puccini Avons Waterdrop Glass

Popular Glass Mosaic Tile by Puccini - On Sale at Ecomoso Puccini Avons Waterdrop Glass Mosaics are aptly named. Dripping sophistication and style on any space, this stunning collection of high-quality, affordable glass mosaics is patterned like handfuls of precious, pebble-like gemstones, organized in gorgeous fashion on 12 x 2-inch tiles.

There are nine different designs in this diverse and artistic collection of affordable glass tile. If you’re looking for what would appear to be actual drops of crystal clear, blue water, then Avons Waterdrop Spey has that oceanic turquoise blue hue that we’re certain you’ll fall in love with - which makes the versatility of the collection an even bigger bonus. In a completely different direction on the color spectrum is a fabulous coral-red shade called Waterdrop Tene, and we can’t help but imagine it on kitchen backsplashes, or to add designer glass mosaics as special wall and shower tiles to a luxe bathroom upgrade.

In Avons Waterdrop Dane you’ll find the most opulence within the Puccini Waterdrop Collection, and the pearly whites will make you think you’re constantly being smiled upon. If you’re looking for something darker, Avons Waterdrop Till gives you all kinds of grey - charcoal to light - and provides a rich ambiance. Between the four colorful designs described above and the five remaining options in this collection, we imagine you’re already picking the perfect one for you.

The benefits to mosaic glass flooring are major - beginning with the fact that quality glass tile is water resistant. But the glass material itself also has a special ability to capture and play with natural light, and that makes the aesthetic value of glass mosaic tile skyrocket. The most common areas you’ll find the Puccini Avons Waterdrop glass mosaics useful are on your kitchen backsplashes, as bathroom accents, in showers, or as flooring. It remains the ideal material for areas that are prone to constant moisture and water submersion, and it’s easy to maintain and clean.

The Puccini Avons Waterdrop Glass Mosaic Tile Collection has added diversity, as it’s suitable for indoor, outdoor, commercial and residential projects. This is how a project goes from ordinary to extraordinary - with a drop of Waterdrop.