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Puccini Frosted Glass

It’s a party with Puccini Frosted Glass

The Frosted Glass series from Puccini Glass may remind you of the last party you went to where confetti and champagne were in abundance. Another cheerful, colorful series from the Puccini glass tile manufacturers has made the world a better place yet again. We love the multitude of colors available under this glass tile collection and again, many rooms in your home or commercial space are waiting for them.


We agree with how Puccini Glass has presented the Frosted Glass Caribbean in two contrasting but popular shades, which are green and light brown. We are reminded of the last holiday we had had over at the islands where coconut trees and brown beach chalets sat side by side on golden sands. Even if you are going for a traditional look in your living or business areas, save one wall for this glass tile design.


The Frosted Glass Pacific will certainly remind you of pool areas but don’t deter that from choosing it for a kitchen or a fresh looking dining area. We are lovers of green tones and the fern green on the Frosted Glass Cayman Green reminds us of a 19th century bedroom. These are the bedrooms that have features like a couch or chaise lounge, a “chiffonier” and frilled curtains. An antic bed frame complete with silky pea green canopy is so cozy yet charming, especially at the right times in the night.


The Frosted Glass Windword Blue reminds us of the 19th century baby blue shade that was present in many instances. This could have been installed on walls of cafes that served cool cigarette smoking women of yesteryear or a very fancy French restaurant where risqué couples met. The fantasies presented by the Puccini Frosted Glass series are endless and we think you should act upon them immediately!