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Puccini Pebbles

Puccini Pebbles gives the glimpse of the tropics

Bring the beach back home with Puccini Natural Stone Pebbles collection. Usually, bringing the beach back home means gritty sand in your pockets, in between your toes and even in the foods from your fridge. Of course a day at the beach is a fun time, but when the beach brings itself back to yours without invitation the sand between your toes seems more like an annoying neighbor than a hunky electrician.

Puccini’s Natural Stone Pebble floors can solve all of those problems. Don’t waste your time on holiday collecting nature’s trinkets. Save those long walks on the beach for hubby hunting and some light frolicking in the surf. All that bend and snap can’t be good for your aching lumbar anyways. Puccini’s Natural Stone collection has done all that backbreaking work for you.

Skip the expensive Caribbean holiday and reap the rewards with stone series reminiscent of the gleaming white, warm black and honey gold stones that have been polished to perfection by the incessant and incessantly warm waves rocking their rocks over and over and over again until they’re as smooth as a baby’s bottom. From the tropical island paradise of St. Martin, St. Kitts, St. Lucia and St. Vincent islands, your home can be a sand-free oasis with the click of a button – no packing and unpacking to worry about. Keep your suitcase in the back of the closet where it belongs.

Just think of all the sand – it would take you years to rid your roller backpack of every nitty gritty particle. Instead of walking across a virtual sea of tiny broken rocks, consider how soothing a sea of cool, flat, polished stones feels underfoot. Elegant, beachy, minimal – Puccini’s Natural Stone Pebbles collection brings all the beauty of the Caribbean beaches to your home without the grime and grit.