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Puccini Shiney Glass

A Colorful Life with Puccini Shiney Glass Mosaics

Life couldn’t be more gay, cheerful and colorful with the Shiney Glass series from Puccini Glass. Reserved for people who love splashes of color in their life no matter how difficult life seems to be. We all know that happiness is the one thing that eludes us when we need the most and there is no way it can be achieved in a dull colored home. For those who go through difficult times everyday because of their profession or the way they choose to live, having something as cheerful as the Shiney Glass series from Puccini is an awesome therapy.


Imagine, walking into your home from a somber day because you just finished the graveyard shift at the hospital or someone on the street made fun of your shirt and opening your door to the Shiney Glass Cherry Rose. This blood red glass tile will brighten up any mood instantly and you would want to begin to sing “The hills are alive” right away. We think the Shiney Glass Wisteria’s lavender is a dreamy addition in shower areas as well as the Shiney Glass Aqua Blue or Hawaii Blue.


The Lemon Ice and the delicious looking Peach are a delightful choice for kitchens and dining area where modern chairs are set. The Olive Green is a wonderful choice for rooms where games and laughter are present. A little girl’s bedroom can be installed with Misty Rose or Sea Coral and a boy’s room can be awesome with Thunder Cloud or Grey Cadet. Mummy and daddy’s playroom alternatively can be adorned with Sand, Shell or Snow White where bed sheets come in light coloring adorning wooden bedframes.


This glass tile collection is simple and easy on the eyes and as bright as the sun available in so many color spectrums. The Puccini Shiney Glass is a true balm for everyday life when sometimes, things may not go your way.