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Qu Cork Celestial Panels - Uniclic

Qu Cork Uniclic Celestial is out of this world

Qu-Cork’s Uniclic Celestial Panels series proves once and for all that cork isn’t just for wine bottles anymore. If you want to be able to enjoy the bottles of wine being corked this year – once they’ve hit their vintage date – you’ve got to get behind a more sustainable flooring option than hardwood floors. If you thought hardwood floors were beautiful, QU-Cork’s Uniclic Celestial Panels are out of this world. With organic and unique patterns like Aries, Vela, Carina and Dorado, your floors will stand out and stand up to wear and tear over time.

If you thought hardwood floors were long lasting, Celestial Panels will blow those old fashioned hardwoods out of the water. With a 25 year warranty, QU-Cork tiles are not only durable but they are also tough enough to stand up against moisture, dust, allergens, noise pollution and even static.

Plus they won’t get ruined when someone runs across your floors with paws, claws, boots or stiletto heels. Not only will they stay looking pristine for much longer than delicate hardwoods, but Qu-Cork’s Uniclic Celestial Panels series, but your poor joints and tired feet will thank you in the long run. Walking around all day in boots and heels is rough enough on your lower half as it is.

Lining your living room with cork is like laying a layer of padding down underfoot because cork consists of a tight web of up to 40 million cells per cubic centimeter. The cell membranes retain air, giving cork its capacity to insulate, flex, compress and re-expand quickly after compression. Not only will it look good and feel good when you walk all over it, but you will also feel good in that space in your chest where your coal heart sits. Cork is natural, recyclable and biodegradable. To this day no one has discovered a material, whether natural or man-made, that can replicate its properties.