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Qu Cork Designer Planks - Uniclic

Qu Cork Designer Planks is modern and practical

QU-Cork’s Uniclic Designer Planks are just about the hippest thing you could do for your house apart from ripping your design’s straight from Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest GOOP vlog post. All the cool kids are doing cork these days. Behind on the times, gramps? Let’s boot you back into the twenty-first century. Cork is the greatest thing since sliced bread was no longer something to get excited about. Bet you thought hardwood floors were still a thing to aspire to - but they definitely are not – especially if you want your children to live on a green planet where they can romp through the forest and have contests to see who can climb the tallest tree fastest. Everyone who is anyone prefers the trees in the woods these days.

That’s how we discovered this newfangled cork business. It’s way more practical than hardwood flooring and it can be equally as stunning. Hardwood floors are cold and unforgiving. They can also be damaged very easily by scratches or moisture. They also cause the destruction of the forests that provide us all with breathable, fresh oxygen. So forget hardwood floors. QU-Cork’s Uniclic Designer Planks are way more practical than hardwood floors ever were.

Cork is an easily replenished natural resource, it is hypoallergenic and mildew, moisture, dust, and pollen resistant. Cork is anti-static, so it is recommended for use where computers and electronic equipment are used, which is practically in every room of the house these days. It is also perfect for almost any space due to its flexibility, water resistance, and soft warm feeling underfoot. To top it all off, cork is as resilient as Forrest Gump, impermeable as Regina George, and light as Miley Cyrus’ suitcase of bottoms. Choose from five patterns, three of which are nearly unrecognizable as cork, like Coffee Burl, Grey Mesh, and Ivory Brick.