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Qu Cork Flooring Panels - Uniclic

Qu Cork Uniclic Flooring Panel is just what you need

Qu-Cork’s Uniclic Flooring Panels are every adult’s answer to the cork of your childhood. You know the cork we speak of, the cork that lined the bulletin boards of your school halls; the cork that held the future of your young self in the balance every time a new theatrical cast list was posted or the callbacks for the first string of the basketball team were pinned up for all to see. Okay, okay we won’t bring those memories back up for you and we are sure if you could audition all over again you would blow them away; in fact they are probably still kicking themselves for not noticing your burgeoning potential.

Either way, this is no middle school cork we’re dealing with. Put the days of school bells and schoolgirls out of your head. Qu-Cork’s Uniclic Flooring Panels are works of art in themselves. Each and every cork design boasts a never before seen cork pattern with shades of cocoa, brick red and even green dispersed throughout. Some tiles boast organic shapes, other geometric. How much order do you need in your life? From the brightest shades of natural, untreated cork to dark Espresso Roast shades and “Burnt” Cork Grounds, the Uniclic Flooring Panels series is rife with beautiful patterns.

Not only are these groundbreaking cork tiles downright sexy, but they are also practical and environmentally sound. Cork is the next big thing because of its many benefits. Cork grows very, very quickly so supplying the growing world with cork flooring is sustainable – unlike cold and unforgiving hardwood floors. Cork floors are warm and soft underfoot, they’re hypoallergenic and anti-static, they absorb ambient sound, and they are crazy easy to clean and maintain. You can’t say that about hardwood, so don’t be a hardhead. Go cork or go home.