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Quick Step Dominion Laminate

Quick Step Dominion Laminate

There is no place like home as Dorothy may have told herself and indeed it will be once you have QuickStep’s Dominion collection installed in it too! Whisk yourself into a flooring magical realm with these beautiful hand-scraped and soft scraped textures that come in incredible eight different colors. Perhaps, it’s the home with flooring like this Dorothy had been pining for all those times.

Sometimes, we would like to have the comfort of our childhood realized as an adult in our homes. Or at least, make it possible for our children. As an adult, you can still play around with fairytale themed colors without all the knights and princesses. If you are decorating your children’s bedroom, then anything is possible. You would need to start with sturdy hardwood flooring like the Quickstep’s Dominion collection.

Use the blonder shades like Dominion’s Hickory Amber Planks, Aged Chesnut Planks, Rustic Hickory Planks and Morning Chesnut Planks to mix with light, pastel colour schemes. Pink, lavender, sky blue and sage green colours work well in a child’s room fairytale room or just in your charming, romantic bedroom. Choosing a lighter colour for the walls makes the room feel larger and airy. The whimsical, airy feeling is fitting for the fairy tale design. Use the other colours as bedding, curtain and decor accents.

In terms of fabric choice, bring in light fabrics for a fancyful, airy feeling. A lightweight cotton material or tulle works well in the room. Use the fabrics to make custom window treatments. You can also use the fabrics to create curtains for a faux castle window painted onto the wall as part of a mural. These lighter fabrics won’t look so bad with the darker shades Available under the Quickstep’s Dominion collection. Walnut Planks, Malaysian Merbau Planks, Barrel Chesnut Planks and Steele Chestnut Planks will all work together with these colors.