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Quick Step Home Laminate

Home Laminate

Transforming a home into a home sweet home can prove to be somewhat of a challenging feat. However, one of the easiest ways to accomplish a comfy and cozy feel is to infuse your space with the warmth of hardwood floors. That being said, actual hardwood can prove to be quite expensive both initially and also to install. Thankfully, awesome companies like Quickstep have worked hard to provide authentic alternatives. Ladies and gentlemen, it pleases us very much to introduce to you the Home and the Home Sound collections. Traditionally perfect in every way, these collections come with color palettes that are identical one to the other, and easy favorites for us are Ginger Oak, which looks as huggable as a teddy bear, Panga Panga, whose dark chocolate browns bridge the gap between trendy and time-honored, and Blonde Maple for the way it instantly brightens up every space that it touches. As for the difference between the Quickstep Home and the Quickstep Home Sound collection, Home Sound actually has an underlayment that has been pre-attached to it, making for a quick and easy installation. Additionally, all of the colorways within these collections come in a very modern 7 ½” width, with planks that stretch to just over 47 inches. All things considered, if it is comfort and hominess that you crave, Quickstep Home and Quickstep Home Sound alike are sure to get the job done.