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Quick Step Reclaime Laminate

Reclaime Laminate

Sexy, sexy, sexy. Sexy. Really, we tried to find another word to describe this amazing collection but, wow, Quickstep has really knocked our pants off with this one. That being said, we were more than pleased to meet the Reclaime collection, and we are absolutely certain that you will be, too. Taking on a challenge of creating a palette that oozes with time worn elegance, Reclaime is perfectly reminiscent of all things vintage, Reclaime adds a contemporary and sophisticated touch while still maintaining a timeless feel. Truly, Quickstep has left us wide mouthed and unable to think about anything but how gorgeous their five-fold series of colors is, and we have found it near impossible to pick just one or two gems out of the bunch. However, we do know that we absolutely have to spotlight Flint Oak for its dark and enchanting mocha richness, and we also love the way Heathered Oak ebbs and flows from gray to brown. We also love this collection for its attractive sizing, and each plank can be found in a fashion-forward 7.5” width, and planks span to just over 54 inches. All in all, if you love a good golden oldie, but crave the maintenance of a chic and modern feel, Quick Step Reclaime has five amazing and gorgeous solutions for you.