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Quick Step Rustique Laminate

Rustique Laminate

Quick Step Sculptique floors are unique in that each plank features highly-detailed soft sculpted surfaces that correspond to the lines and patterns of the grain coloration. This creates one of the most authentic products available. Since the soft sculpted texture and colors match one another and are soft scraped, the overall look is remarkably genuine. Pressed Bevel Edges give these floors a handcrafted appearance, while the Authentic finish allows all of the gorgeous and elongated grain patterns offered by these longer than normal planks to radiate, as they should. Uniclick installation makes it simple and easy for anyone to convert their family room into a gorgeous retreat for family and friends alike. Create unmatched warmth with the tones, details and finished that is unique to the sophisticated Quick Step Sculptique Collection laminate floors.

Chocolate Café Rosewood is a striking option that gives way for the prominent silky wave patterns of dark chocolate on the milk chocolate base that is ever so often interrupted by a plank that is predominantly dark with mere highlights of mild chocolate. This floor will add character to any room. Black Cherry similarly switches tones while offering a cool flavor option to the mysterious darker end of the color schemes offered by the Sculptique Collection. Amber Cherry offers a neutral feel making it a canvas for your design, whatever it may be. Toffee Almost Hickory is a sandy tan that will calm your space while Sand Blonde Hickory will brighten up a room with its natural rosy amber hue and Natural Authentic finish, illuminating the gorgeous grain patterns within. Enjoy a durable product that can stand up to the style, ease and durability standards of a holiday hostess like yourself.