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Quick Step Veresque Laminate

Veresque Laminate

For one of the better laminate products offered today, featuring stunning exotic styles as well as top of the line design technology all for a price to please; Quick Step has read your mind and anticipated your design demands with Veresque. Gorgeous and vivid colors and designs are inherent to this beyond realistic line. Utilizing the industries best technology for replicating handcrafted edges,GenuEdge has created a Rolled Bevel Edge that leaves the subject of authenticity to be of no concern. The sealed smooth appearance made possible by the furniture finish will have your floors looking like a high quality antique that has been sealed to conserve its natural beauty. Quick Step understands that nothing is permanent but considers sustainability when manufacturing these laminate floors using 74% recycled materials as well as guaranteeing them with a limited lifetime warranty, so that your purchase and style transformation feel as stable as stone.

If you have an aptitude for style than Burnished Walnut planks are perfect for you. The intensity and intricacy of the colors and grains screams sophistication, and is only for those willing to risk having an absolutely gorgeous floor. Stay on the dark side of theVeresque Collection with the tiger striping of warm caramel and noir with Marseille Maple, a stunning option even for the most discerning. The warm yet complicated options of Garnet Jatoba, Chestnut Maple and Warm Apricot Cherry will open your room up with warmth, but at your own “temperature”. Cool it off and bring it together with Umber Cherry and Chestnut Maple.

Diverse, diligent and dang sexy, The Veresque Collection is for those that are looking for something that is urbane while maintaining a risqué flair, only those looking for striking results at an even more striking value need apply.