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Ragno Barnwood Porcelain

Ragno USA Barnwood Porcelain Tile

Your kids (and your spouse) will have a really great time jumping up and down on the Ragno USA Tile Barnwood porcelain tile collection. That is because you won’t be screaming in the back that the tiles are going to be damaged. That is the wonderful thing about these tiles. You get the look of great wood flooring but minus the worry of maintenance because it’s made of porcelain.

We know you love the rustic look of beautifully made wooden floors with real wooden planks. However, the same charming wood floor look is possible now with the Ragno Barnwood collection and you don’t have to worry about varnishing and so on. You don’t have to worry about buying specialized products to make the sheen last longer and worry about it getting dulled by all those traction marks.

Four beautiful colors come under this collection from a lighter shade of ashen brown to a darker, deeper pure chocolate print. The Ragno Barnwood porcelain tile is a great pick for camouflage purposes. Just look all those pattern and chaos that comes with it. Homeowners with kids and pets are a great client of these porcelain tiles. Their ability to hide even the most silliest and most embarrassing of stains is a great plus. No joke about that.

You can choose between the Ragno Barnwood Ash, Ragno Barnwood Barley, Ragno Barnwood Blend or the Ragno Barnwood Pearl. All of them are flexible enough for furniture designs from Ikea. If you hate Ikea then you can get something from Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel. No problem. Newly getting married and already looking for tiles without a house? Why not? The Ragno Barnwood is a great versatile collection which you will keep in mind once you are ready to buy that dream house and totally change the floor tiles which you hate so much.