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Reward Hardwood

Reward Hardwood

Reward Hardwood

Southern California is not only known for as one of the most influential megapolitan portion of the US but also for one of the oldest hardwood flooring manufacturers in the world. That would be the Galleher Corporation, the oldest floor covering distributor in Southern California and among the top ten distributors nationwide.

Using generations of flooring experience, they have created Reward Hardwood Flooring, a rich line of products for residential and commercial applications available exclusively through thousands of flooring retailers, builders, and independent flooring contractors.

Founded in 1937, Galleher Corporation is headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California. They work synonymously sourcing out similar companies around the globe to ensure that Reward products are produced ethically and are unsurpassed in quality, beauty, and value. They have created and employed their own standard of quality control through privately trained technicians. These technicians diligently inspect each and every shipment, adding a level of through checking of quality that is unusual amongst their competitors.

Reward Hardwood Flooring product line include exceptional domestic and exotic species as well as Cork and Bamboo, all selected for their natural beauty and performance in flooring installations. Factory finishing imparts a new level of durability to your floor’s surface, which is not available in site-finished flooring. Each collection is available with coordinating trim to complete every last detail in your home. If you browse through their products, you may discover how you can create any type of environment from warm and rustic to sleek and contemporary. All possibilities are there.

If you are a tree hugger than you can put your mind at ease as the Reward line is one of the lines which proudly promotes sustainable forest management and ethical harvesting of the world’s most environmentally friendly flooring material. The Galleher Corp iterates their ethical practices through environmentally safe adherence. They strongly support and comply with all regulations pertaining to the industry including the recent Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (Lacey Act amendment), which contains anti-trafficking protections to prevent imports of illegally harvested logs and timber.

Your concern about toxic emissions from hardwood flooring is also covered as they are fully compliant with the California’s Airborne Toxic Control Measure to Reduce Formaldehyde Emissions from Composite Wood Products, which guards against unsafe formaldehyde emissions in wood products. Their warranty covers Lifetime Structural Warranty, 25-year Residential Finish Warranty and the 3-year Light Commercial Finish Warranty. Reward Hardwood Flooring is assured when you see the kind of warranty they are giving so you can be confident in choosing the Reward line.