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Northern Timbers Vinyl

Northern Timbers Vinyl

Visually enticing, texturally mesmerizing, and harmoniously stunning, Roppe Northern Timbers vinyl collection brings the warmth and comfort of hardwood flooring to your home or business. A sustainable solution with its multi-layer vinyl composition, the elegant lure of timeworn wood manifested into vinyl presents a blanket of warm floor coverings. A welcoming feature ideal for any space of the home, Northern Timbers brings modern day maintenance requirements banishing the dreaded sanding and sealing that prove to be one splinter of a décor headache.

Enhancing any design aesthetic with a chic modern twist, dramatic replications of species such as pine, maple, oak, beech and cherry allow for customized styles to match your personal tastes. Of the available 8 elegant shades, Northern Timbers compliments all decors and lifestyles. Applied to versatile 4”x36” wide planks, embrace the inherent durability of moisture, dent and fading resistances for flooring built to last longer than a lifetime. Of the available finished with touchable textures playing with light and dramatic shade variations, embrace easy installation methods with floating floor applications. The option of Golden Oak reveals a strict European flair with a rustic twang. Similar, Limed Gray Oak is a versatile, shabby chic style and white washed patina. Offering a dark dramatic lure, VooDoo Beach touches on the modern side with stark charcoal grey complexion capable of getting lost in. Timelessly enchanting, the uplifting beauty of Roppe Northern Timbers vinyl floors offer the total package with beauty, durability and top-quality reliability.