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Shaw Arbor Place Hardwood

Lofty Living with Shaw Arbor Place Hardwood

What could be more industrial urban living that in a loft installed with the Shaw Arbor Place Hardwood collection? The Arbor Place hardwood planks remind us of converted buildings that now serve as living and working areas for people. Neighborhoods which used to serve workers, mills and machines are now the center of attention with contemporary living. Warehouses become homes, churches become apartments and power stations become museums.


A converted loft can be extremely spacious with vaulted ceilings, lots of natural light, and endless design possibilities. This is where the Shaw Arbor Place can come in handy as these artisan-scraped engineered hickory with sturdy ply core will give stunning visuals with modern tastes. Shaw Arbor Place offers classic scraped styling with a nice balance of unique texturing and chatter. The palette of five colors includes on-trend grey, warm naturals, and a variety of rich browns making this style even more appealing together with the fact that it comes with great value too.


One of the most popular design styles you will see in loft spaces is the attempt to mix the industrial elements with the warmth and color of an artsy home. If you have a loft that has orange brick walls with splashes of concrete in between, use the Summer House or Pathway to complement it. Comfortable looking leather lazy chairs and casual looking stand mirror behind the door is what you are looking for.


Alternatively, hard backed chairs in molded composites with aluminum is mod with the Evening Shade. That worn looking dark blue carpet you purchased might be suitable for a living room installed with the Garden Bench while Weathered Gate is brilliant circuit board like lighting on the ceiling. The Shaw Arbor Place Hardwood collection’s finishing is guaranteed not to peel off or wear through as long you own your home.