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Shaw Array Aviator Plank

Shaw Array Luxury Vinyl Aviator Plank

Shaw Array Luxury Vinyl Aviator Plank, a truly wondrous vinyl. A pioneer in the vinyl world that has remodeled our comprehension of that little flooring delight. While all those other vinyl are left struggling to emerge from the tacky 70’s with a reputation that they just can’t shake off, this sexy little piece of flooring has taken off and looks down on them from 32,000 feet. The aptly named aviator of the vinyl world is leagues ahead of its competition, and kindly extends its invitation to you to jump in to the cockpit and join the team on the trip of a lifetime.

This environmentally friendly fighter jet is created to the very highest environmental standards that are out there today. This security in knowing that you are buying a world class product allows you to jump right in there assured that this flooring is durable, and will stand the test of time.

Available in 6 blends that perfectly recreate natural wood flooring without chopping down our rainforests: Atmosphere, Blazing Skies, Earhart Brown, Kittyhawk, Maverick and Propeller. They perfectly blend the look of various hardwoods to produce an intelligent composition leaving behind an authentic and classy feel to your houses floor.

This little maverick is a must have for those exploring the vinyl market, the children will love it, and after doing their best to destroy it (and failing) it will leave you confident in your flooring choice. Now here is your favorite snippet of information, the neighbors won’t even know that you haven’t actually installed real hardwood flooring in your house, but your wallet will love you for it. Aviator leaves the whole family happy.