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Shaw Array Chatham Plank

Shaw Array Luxury Vinyl Chatham Plank

“Shaw Array Luxury Vinyl Chatham Plank, our apologies sir, I am sorry we don’t stock this product.”

Please ignore our sales rep. He has become quite attached to this little vinyl wonder and hates to see it leave our shop. We understand that he shouldn’t straight up lie to customers, but we understand where he is coming from. We do in fact have it in stock, our sales rep doesn’t understand that it isn’t comprised of real trees and we can get in fact get plenty more of where it came from.

One of the most realistic vinyls on the market, this cost-effective beauty from Shaw Array will leave your guests scratching their confused brains when you explain to them that they aren’t standing on a luxurious hardwood. But something’s are best left unsaid, if you don’t tell them, they will never know.

Available in 6” x 48” this vinyl comes in five different styles: Angelina Hickory, Belle Meade, Carolina Hickory, Oakhill and Rainforest Teak. The range explores various hardwood delights, and works wonderfully in a kitchen, bedroom or living room. With all the wonders of vinyl this fine design will give your design horror show a much needed make-over and send you on the way to styling success, it’s pretty hard to go wrong here. It’s durable and long lasting, easy to clean, family friendly and doesn’t harm the bank account. We don’t have to chop down any trees in the process but if you decide to tell your neighbors how terrible you feel about cutting down America’s forests for the sake of your living room, we totally understand.