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Shaw Array Merrimac Plank

Shaw Array Merrimac Plank

Shaw Array Merrimac Plank vinyl flooring features the look of even toned hardwood floors. Each 4" x 36" plank installs easily and adds to the look of authentic hard wood flooring that Shaw is known for, and as is true for the entire Array collection, the Merrimac series offers durability because it's made from virgin vinyl, and also has a fiberglass filled core for stability and sound insulation.

Shaw Array Merrimac Plank floors come in six colors that provide a rich and cohesive design guaranteed to pull any room together. Choose from the rich sable browns of Galley Oak, the caramelized hues of Honey Oak, the opulent look of Oat Straw, the midnight black of Raisin Hickory, the chestnut colors of Russet Hickory, and the sweet saddle tans of Wheat Hickory.

The best part about Shaw vinyl floors is that you don't have to harm a single tree to achieve the "One With Nature" look that is so in today! As long as you train your pet Wood Pecker and squirrel that this is not their natural source of food and shelter, you should do just fine with these high definition printed planks in your home! The only drawback to having a vinyl floor is that, should your heating bill be so outrageous as to need to pull up your floors for firewood, you will be out of luck - or pass out unconscious from the fumes when you try to burn vinyl for fuel. And, let's face it, you've probably passed out from sniffing too much nail polish remover before. So, if that is your worst case scenario, then there's really no reason not to install Shaw Array Merrimac Plank floors in your home today!