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Shaw Array Uptown

Shaw Array Uptown Living for the Perfectionist.

No uptown girl can resist the charm that is being unabashedly showcased under the Shaw Array Uptown collection under the Resilient line. Your sensibility in choosing the right kind of palette, material and texture can now fully be utilized with what is being offered under this collection as it presents the intricate beauty of authentic natural hardwood in the form of a resilient flooring surface.


The Shaw Array Uptown vinyl tile collection brings to life projects which have taken years to be put on paper because only the best materials were sought after. These are the kind of personal projects undertaken by perfectionists and no perfectionists will be left wondering with these vinyl tiles that look like wood which work well in both contemporary and traditional settings. Perfectionists will find that the Shaw Array Uptown offers several different wood patina replications to match their personal design sensibilities.


Unlike traditional solid hardwood, these vinyl planks can be installed below grade, an ideal choice projects where the basement are the focus. Basements remodels are highly welcomed with these awesome vinyl tiles since they will not warp, cup, or buckle at the seams due to existing moisture. On top of those interesting features, a 15-year wear warranty as well as a 5-year light commercial warranty is also given for this collection to be enjoyed for years without the maintenance hassles of real hardwood.


Shaw Array Uptown is available in a record-breaking 18 color tones with sizes of 6 x 48 vinyl planks to further enhance the collection’s attractiveness. Choose from rich colors to earthy to sensible colors to complement your existing home, office, shop, café, restaurant décor. Some of the most sensible colors you will find here are Rush Street, South Beach, St. Charles and Sweet Auburn. Some of the rich patinas that will make a statement are Vinnings Drive, Beaumont Street, Bourbon Street and Canton Street.