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Shaw Avondale

Vintage Aristocracy with Shaw Avondale Laminate

Shaw Avondale Laminate tile jolts the mind back to vintage America where horses and carriages rode the colonial years. We guarantee that this sweet collection is the perfect laminate flooring solution for adding warmth to any space in your home. Again, another detailed flooring created using the latest in technology will give a feeling of stately elegance, one that could be found in a distinguished aristocrat’s home. Shaw Avondale’s Laminate will pave the way for an aristocratic presentation even if you are not one yet.


You will find that in the Shaw Avondale collection, an easy to install alternative to traditional wooden flooring is offered. This flooring is easy to clean, scratch resistant, and long lasting for those high traffic areas and early family years with pets and little tykes. This collection provides the beauty, look, and feel of actual wooden flooring, certainly ideal for an immediate upgrade when you desire a more sophisticated home design.


This stunning laminate flooring is available in four classic wooden colors with a smooth finish that looks almost silky to touch. The Natural offers coffee milk tones that we love either in the kitchen or dining room, when coffee and cream in the morning sunrise will be on your mind immediately after the buzzer goes off. The Ale is a bright red brown shade that all designers love, while the Smoke offers traditional large repeating patterns on a muddy tone that is generally loved. The darkest selection from the Shaw Avondale Laminate collection is the Canyon, a dark chocolate brown that looks sumptuous in any room of the home.


This classic stately laminate flooring is perfect for anyone who wants the look of a wooden floor for their home, but with a low maintenance and wear resistant surface. No matter what your design inspiration is, the Shaw Avondale Laminate collection adds vintage aspirations to your life.