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Shaw Bennington Maple Hardwood

Shaw Bennington Maple

More Bang for Your Buck with Shaw Bennington Maple

So many hardwood flooring choices today are made with modern appeal in mind, offering uniform plank sizes. So where do you go when you want something more antique looking? Right here, baby! Shaw Bennington Maple Hardwood flooring is made to echo the vintage variation of antique floors with its mixed width boxes of 31/4" and 5" sizes that offer a random combination and an upscale, but rustic look. This flooring choice goes well with most rustic, vintage, country, barnhouse, old-world European, Elizabethan, British colonial, and French rustic or shabby chic looks. Your options are unlimited!

Reclaimed barn wood flooring is all the rage right now. It's huge! You should have it at will too. It's highly sought after for homes and commercial spaces everywhere when the buyer wants to go all out vintage or proclaim that vintage is the new modern. And of course it is, but you don't have to admit that. Just admit your love for vintage and place your order with us, we'll never tell.

When smooth, shiny hardwood floors just won't do, you want the rustic appeal and popularity of a floor like the Shaw Bennington Maple Hardwood collection. Rated as high color and character variations means you get distinctive color variations in each box with unique patterns. Each plank features slightly sculpted surfaces for a hand-finished look and a floor that doesn't end up looking "cookie-cutter" or like everyone else on the block.

Shaw Bennington Maple Hardwood lets your imagination and creativity flow and easily helps you create your space as visually vintage, but on a modern budget, time clock, and resources. This exceptional material carries impeccable style, yet lands softer on your wallet to save you money on your hardwood flooring purchase and installation.