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Shaw Biscayne Bay Hardwood

A Taste of Florida in Shaw Biscayne Bay

There is no way that the sun, the beach, oranges and beach babes don’t come to mind with the Shaw Biscayne Bay Hardwood collection. Simply because the Biscayne Bay is what flanks downtown Miami in sunny Florida. Miami is an affluent place where money talks and everything else walks. You can plan to decorate your home the same way Miamians do, whether it’s a villa, A Key Largo beach residence, a Miami beach oceanfront condo or a classic retiree apartment near the harbor.


Under the Shaw Biscayne Bay Hardwood collection, we have three sweet deals in 5” called Surfside, Bayfront and Oceanside. These artisan crafted, the scrape is combined with a gentle chatter creating a versatile collection exuding refined, rustic appeal. What you will see on these planks are subtle birch graining adding a casual charm with a matte finish. The finish also gives an oil-rubbed appearances that has a 6-ply plywood core. The micro-beveled ends and edges makes this collection a hot item amongst famous designers.


Most homeowners in Miami would probably spend more time outside of their home than inside because of the weather. An admirable exterior planned diligently could be the most welcoming place in a home. Bright awning, cane furniture, white parasol and a garden full of lush, tropical breeds are the stuff in soap operas. The living room or the dining room opening out to these kinds of safe retreats should be a visual treat in themselves. What kind of dining room should open out to a garden retreat? One that has cooling marble top tables with light colored wooden chairs sitting majestically on the Bayfront piece from the Shaw Biscayne Bay collection.


The dark chocolate of Surfside will serve a large room well, when curtains are colorful and rugs are plain. The lighter colored Oceanside can be saved for bedrooms, dens and TV rooms that overlooks the ocean, where glass walls are present. The Shaw Biscayne Bay collection comes with seven transition pieces as well to make your décor complete.