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Shaw Brooksville Hardwood

Size Matters Not for Shaw Brooksville Hardwood

Shaw Brooksville Hardwood flooring is so versatile that no matter what size your living spaces are, the collection will deliver. Are you on a budget constrain that also constrains the space you are buying? But forego your worries as small spaces are perfect for many different applications. While a tiny apartment is a natural choice for a bachelor, a 50 square meter space may be surprisingly accommodate a young family snugly as well with a little adjustment.


With the space getting smaller and smaller in big cities, it is not a surprise to find apartments which also serve as home office with one large space for bedroom on top. On the bottom floor however, it is possible to create a small room for a child, in the case of a couple preferring only to have one. A small kitchenette is enough to make coffee and cook simple cook while the dining area is virtually in the living room. A space like this doesn’t necessarily have to be cramped and with a smart flooring choice, such as the 5” sized planks from Shaw Brooksville Hardwood, the visual space can be expanded.


Three authentic shading is available from the Shaw Brooksville Hardwood, the light brown De Soto, the dark coffee Conway and the tea brown Burnside. This engineered birch style planks are given a smooth and refined finish which is sophisticated for any urban and contemporary fitting. The collection comes with low gloss which gives an oil-rubbed appearance, a flooring characteristic that's trending strongly currently among professionals and amateurs alike. The fashionable colors nicely give the moderately defined, subtle birch grain on the planks and are made with a 6-ply plywood core. The micro-beveled ends and edges together with the random lengths of 13 x up to 47 ¼ makes the Shaw Brooksville Hardwood a great choice for bachelors and small families alike in a small apartment unit.