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Shaw Brushed Suede Hardwood

Shaw Brushed Suede Hardwood

This gorgeous hickory hardwood is truly luxurious to see and feel. The production process leaves a delicately sueded surface that actually feels soft to the touch, so if you're fond of going barefoot or have small children at home, our Shaw Brushed Suede Hardwood collection is a keeper. Melding the best of both worlds together, it's like a soft, sensual fabric unified with a strong, solid wood, and finished with a micro bevel trim for an overall tailored look that adds to the richness and dignity of any room.

Showcasing its exceptionally smooth wood grain in every unique looking plank, the Shaw Brushed Suede Hardwood series' grain stands out dynamically, and the colors are enriched because each has been hand-brushed with firm wire implements that dig out softer portions of wood and leave the harder minerals intact. The wide width of each plank makes it a contemporary size, and allows for more of that natural grain to flow for greater emphasis.

Hardwood flooring is coming along quite nicely these days. Not only is it for your traditional decor needs, but it's also being widely used in modern homes and commercial spaces. You can lay flooring for your fairy cottage, your modern office, or your traditional living room. You can dress up the kids' play room too. And with this extremely unique Shaw Brushed Suede Hardwood series, you've got something no one else on your block has.

Furthermore, this hardwood flooring is easy on your wallet, easier to install than others, and durable with engineering that ensures structural uniformity without the expansion, contraction or warping issues from environmental conditions. Because this flooring is manufactured in the USA, you can feel good about your choice with every step you take!