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Shaw Cloudland Pine Hardwood

Shaw Cloudland Pine Hardwood

Shaw Hardwood’s Cloudland Pine will indeed put you in the clouds for sure with its penchant for looking exactly the way you want your hardwood flooring. The warmth and allure exuded by this rustic colors and design are the stuff of legends, a legend you will be making as you install these in your living areas.

Beautifully sculpted wire brushed planks are showcased in the Shaw Hardwood’s Cloudland Pine collection. The tempered surface look is rustic enough for you to pretend you are indeed living in a cabin in the woods. Made of the durable pine species, these 5” planks are durable enough to withstand the apocalypse in any situation. Mostly. If you plan on a having a fire in the house, then forget it.

Two joyous stunning looking colors are available under this collection. Shaw Hardwood Cloudland Pine Natural is the lighter of the two and incredibly reminds us of a northern European cabin built with new, freshly made planks from the woods. The characteristics of the planks under this design is really wonderful when you see all the illusion of grooves and rings on them.

You will always feel like you are sitting inside the cabin in the woods while waiting for those strange people to come and get you. That is how fresh these planks look. The other is the Shaw Hardwood Cloudland Pine Antique. This color emulating the mahogany shades of red is classic by in itself. Surely the pattern of natural wood on these planks is a big winner when it comes to competing with the real, ranchy, kickass rustic look. Not to mention antique as well.

Big living areas with high traffic will benefit for the installation of these flooring to the maximum with its beauty and long lasting ability. This is one investment you don’t have to worry about with regards to your new home or your new business property.