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Shaw Floorte Classico Plank

Shaw Floorte Classico Plank

Shaw Floorte Classico Plank style flooring mimics the timeless beauty and richness of real hardwood floors, but without the expense, worry and high-maintenance care. Because Shaw Floors uses high definition printing during manufacturing, you'll get the authentic look of the top species and colors of hardwood, but as a vinyl that's resistant to water, mildew, stains, and scuffing. You can immediately and easily lay flooring in your home, for a fraction of the price. Strong and durable, you'll enjoy your flooring for years to come.

Visitors will gasp when they walk in the door (as long as you know people with great taste) and they won't believe you've done this yourself. The details of the planks will amaze too, as the Shaw Floorte Classico Plank styles feature longer planks with gorgeous sawn-face, painted or wire brushed visuals, making your room charming or glamorous, depending on your style. Make your floor your centerpiece and surround it with furniture and textiles you love. Just don't start in the bedroom, or you may never want to leave.

Choosing from our Shaw Floorte Classico Plank styles also means you get a simple click-and-lock installation method that doesn’t require glue; called the FOLD N GO™ locking system. Truly genius! And simple enough for a home DIY you can be proud of. No need to level the subflooring or remove old flooring, the flexible planks install right over the top and hide imperfections below. As an added bonus, this system allows you to replace one damaged plank with a new one without disrupting a huge area or incurring high replacement costs.

No moisture, buckling or mildew worries, Classico styles feature 12 mil with AmourBead protectant on its surface and has a waterproof LifeGuard core. This means you can have the look of hardwood in any room of your home, including high-traffic, high-moisture, and high accident or spill-prone areas. Living room, mudroom, bathroom, kids' rooms, you get to beautify every room with resilient vinyl flooring and move on to the next project quickly. Or not. You could sit down and enjoy a mug of something warm and stare at your new floor for a while if you prefer.