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Shaw Heron Bay

Shaw Heron Bay

Real hickory hardwood floors are brilliant. They're beautiful and timeless, but they're expensive and maintenance is a chore. So the Shaw Heron Bay Laminate is a perfect mimic and offers the same warm, rich look of hickory hardwoods, but for a fraction of the price and installation woes. This flooring is the perfect addition to your classy home where you want something less obtrusive and not too attention grabbing on your floors, but the look of a true, old-time hardwood.

A hand-sculpted collection inspired by rustic high-end visuals, each color choice in the collection showcases great depth and color as well as an incredibly life-like surface texture complete with chatter marks. Often wood planks are used to create an earthy, natural sense of the outdoors, and this won't disappoint. It's an upscale yet casual feeling just perfect for so very many of your residential and commercial flooring needs.

And don't forget to think wider than just your boutique or living room! The very best part about Shaw Heron Bay Laminate flooring is the ability to take the wood-look throughout an entire home instead of shying away from moisture or spill-prone areas. This would be fantastic in your bathroom, living room or dining room, kitchen floor, and way more. Allow us to help your interior design dreams stay focused on what makes you feel good, what inspires you, what brings you joy and makes you feel at peace, without the worry of cost, maintenance, or durability issues.

Made in the USA by Shaw, an eco-friendly company, the Shaw Heron Bay Laminate collection comes in a popular 5" x 47" size. You can install above, on, or below grade, unlike real hardwood flooring, and with bevel edges and an easy float, installation is a snap. Our "stable planks" install directly over existing flooring or subflooring because they're flexible and hide the imperfections beneath.