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Shaw Ironsmith Hardwood

Shaw Ironsmith Hardwood

With a name that carries an age-old ring, the Ironsmith series from Shaw Hardwood is anything but traditional. The rich intricacies of oak, hickory and maple reveal a sleek contemporary vibe for hip, trendy flooring with attitude. Offering a style that melds perfectly with modern interiors, the warmth of hardwood is on full display for a collection that exudes an inviting comfort to every square inch of the home. With soft scrapping accents adding exceptional depth, delicate rippling cascades across each 5” wide plank for flooring that expresses life, movement and flow. Presenting the perfect balance between calming and rejuvenating, Shaw Ironsmith uplifts the home into a dwelling of elegance, grace and charming personality.

Exquisite in style, Ironsmith likewise posses a high level of exceptional durability for flooring that will last for generations. Inherently resilient, the chic sophistication of these premium hardwoods fuses a sense of effortless, high-end class to any occasion from sexy soirees to afternoon play dates. Topped with a rich finish instantly creating volume in any space, choose from ten decadent shades to bring depth and character to all your favorite spaces. The light shade of Ferrier Maple reveals a French cottage vibe with its sleek detailing on a base of raw fawn tones. Differing, Cutter Oak showcases oak’s iconic ornate wood graining in deep chocolate browns on a backdrop of rugged dusty tans. The darkest shade of Wheelright Hickory offers a dramatic glow with rich espresso base revealing pops of rustic amber undertones.