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Shaw Jubilee Hardwood

Shaw Jubilee Hardwood

A jubilee is a lengthy celebration. When you think of one, you think of a carnival, festivities, merrymaking, and exhibition. And that's exactly what the Shaw Jubilee Hardwood collection is for flooring. Jubilee goes to the extreme in jollity of hickory with a naturally random variation providing a distinct visual range. It's a fantastic upgrade for living areas, bedrooms, kitchens and other areas throughout the home, and it's surprisingly chock full of character, but it doesn't overpower your decor.

Rejoice in unique 3 ¼” and 5” wide planks, each with extreme character; a carnival of graining and color variation that swings to those with a clean and consistent look, and everything in between. Embrace the natural unpredictability of this hickory as extreme variation should be expected. Extreme revelry and jollification should also be expected.

Cheerfully add one of our four, warm, rich color choices and let its lively characteristics inspire your creativity and energy for your domain. Put Shaw Jubilee Hardwood on exhibit in your favorite space or throughout your entire home. Whether your design goals are traditional or you swing merrily the other way towards ultra-modern decor, you'll love this flooring and there will be great merriment and celebration. Especially when you realize how affordable this gala is and how long the fiesta will last.

Shaw Jubilee Hardwood is very durable, low-cost, and easier to install than traditional hardwood floors. We've got your private festival covered with great looks and a quality ScufResist Platinum finish, micro bevel edges that ensure a great fit piece by piece, and you can glue, nail, staple or float your planks easily. The Shaw company is eco-friendly to boot, so make this a green jubilee!