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Shaw Landscapes


Shaw plucks the organic beauty of nature and designed the Landscapes collection for laminate flooring that explores the wild side in home décor. Recreating the plush look of natural hardwood, these multi-layer laminates present a dramatic interplay between light and dark tones on top intricate wood grain detailing. Complete with knotholes, worm holes, mineral streaking and the minimalist tendencies of hickory and maple, Landscapes adds a touch of sophistication with a whole lot of personality. Simply unforgettable, these brilliant recreations are an eco-savvy alternative with affordable pricing and effortless maintenance requirements. Blending style with functionality, the luminous glow of this collection is meant to be enjoyed in any room from the entryway to the kitchen and even the bedroom.

Backed by a 25-year warranty, the resiliency of Shaw Landscapes ensures a floor that stands up to scuffs, scratches, fading, wearing and moisture for a dependable product that continues to glow for generations. Applied to bold 8” wide planks for in vogue look with amplified detailing, bring warmth and inviting comfort into the home with a selection of six luminous finishes all presenting a time-worn, antiqued flair. The light shade of Seneca Maple is loved for its raw, untouched complexion presenting the organic innocence in maple is airy fawn hues. Differing greatly, Catella Maple is a darker finish with a deep brown base that exudes an aged, antiqued glow with vivid amber highlighting. Landmark Hickory is a popular finish likewise for its dark complexion, but stands out with a spicy intuition blending espresso browns with rich rustic autumn undertones.