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Shaw Lucky Day Hardwood

Shaw Lucky Day Hardwood

It's your lucky day. What? Of course we had to say that.

Shaw Lucky Day Hardwood is the biggest seller of the high-end hickory hardwood flooring lines for the Shaw company. They've achieved a beautiful line-up of smooth, solid hickory styling paired with just the right color line and a satin finish, accentuating the wood's inherent beauty. Lighter, translucent staining allows the pop of natural wood characteristics to come through, so if you love knots and mineral streaks and casual Fridays, you'll want to consider the two lighter colors. The medium and darker, more richly stained colors in the collection hide some of the natural rustic qualities, looking more formal, sophisticated, and elegant.

Every day will be a lucky day with the Shaw Lucky Day Hardwood series. The timeless richness of this collection will be cherished for generations and you'll feel lucky to be a part of this life. Applauding the natural, organic nuances of hickory hardwoods, this rustic-yet-refined collection is also Made in the USA and eco-friendly. Easier to install than hardwoods of the past with its micro bevel edges and easy nail or staple down installation process too. Topped with Shaw’s patented ScufResist Platinum finish for added protection, and you can rest easy with your choice. It's practical, durable, affordable and simply lovely.

With Shaw Lucky Day Hardwood you can conceivably use one color throughout your entire house, or mix and match with one in the kitchen, another in formal dining, and another in the family room. Don't stop there, move on into the bedroom and playroom and home office spaces too. Whether it's a uniform color or not, each of the color line will flow beautifully together throughout your home, really pulling together the quality, high-end look you're craving.