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Shaw Majestic Grandeur

Majestic Grandeur

Nothing say elegance like natural stone, although the hefty price tag and high maintenance requirements can put a quick damper on such decadence. Knowing this, Shaw Floors put their master designer skills to the test creating a laminate flooring collection attributed to the beauty and natural grace of natural stone. Found within the Majestic Grandeur collection, the raw complexion of one of nature’s finest materials is brilliantly manifested into stone-emulated laminate flooring. Without missing a beat, these high quality floors reveal a sophisticated precedence achieved through meticulous details depicting natural color variations, striations and clefting for superior authenticity. Providing the allure of stone alluding to a high-class styled décor, Versalock technology allows Majestic Grandeur to be installed virtually anywhere in the house with just a few quick steps.

Providing an elegant backdrop that reserves a timeless beauty, the grace and grandeur of these stunning laminates is backed by exceptional durability for flooring built to last. Standing up to stains, wearing, fading and moisture, Shaw Majestic Grandeur proves to be a time tested choice in flooring brilliantly blending style with trusted functionality. Accenting the traditional decors with a contemporary touch, choose from eight glowing finishes to bring depth and volume into the home. Canteberry is a light finish with sleek beige hues differing greatly from the deep shade of Berkely, an opulent auburn hue highlighted with golden ambers. Light Sepia is a versatile finish with an ashy cream complexion. Offering rugged flair to the traditional, Havencrest is loved for its rich mixtures of dusty browns.