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Shaw Mineral King Hardwood

Shaw Mineral King Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is coming along quite nicely these days. Not only is it for your traditional decor needs, but it's also being widely used in modern homes and commercial spaces. You can lay flooring for your fairy cottage, your modern office, or your traditional living room. You can dress up the kids' play room too.

There are several versatile colors in the Shaw Mineral King Hardwood collection palette that will make it nearly impossible for you to not find the perfect one for your room or the entire home, no matter what your personal style. The only requirement is that you love hardwoods and think you'll die if you can't have them.

Shaw Mineral King Hardwood comes in 5" wide Hickory planks that feature a popular wire brushed texture. What does that even mean? Well, what this does is offer you a middle ground in the hardwood style department. If you're really into just a touch of texture, and not the more aggressive, harsh results of other scraped hardwood floors, this is exactly what you need.

This is the middle ground you're searching for between smooth and heavy scraped. Also to note: the planks have pillowed edges which give a more elegant and pronounced sculpted effect, enhancing the overall charm and vintage look. Vintage is versatile! It's not just your granny's old hardwoods anymore. This is your new hardwood in your new (to you) space and you can do with it what you want and never regret your Shaw Mineral King Hardwood choice!